The Art of Failure

One of the hardest things I’ve ever had to contend with in my life has been failing, but as I’ve failed, I’ve steadily learned to get good at failing.

To be honest, the entire concept seems a little backward, “How can you be good at… Not being good at something?”, but let me explain.

Through both Primary and Secondary education I excelled. I was the little shit that did well and really didn’t make much of an effort. But as we all know, how well you performed at school means absolutely diddly-squat once you put on your big boy pants and go out into the real world and this reality rushed to meet me during my sixth form years undertaking the International Bacalaureate. Now I could make excuses about bullying and having a rough time but the reason I didn’t pass was because I attempted to coast the most rigorous educational standards I’d faced up to this day. I simply didn’t make enough, if any, effort.

And none too surprisingly, I failed. Actually, I thoroughly bombed it.

And it hit me like a truck.

Fast-forward a year of feeling very sorry for myself and I finally had a revelation. I wasn’t happy. I was doing nothing. No job, no prospects, nothing really. I suddenly saw where I was and where I was going and it simply wasn’t good enough. So I decided it was time for a change.

So here we are, College Diploma completed and University Degree well underway. And there have been failures. I didn’t get a placement year for my course for example. But I did the same thing I did after that first failure, although admittedly I expedited the process. Instead of moping and feeling miserable, I took it as a challenge. I’m now undertaking various other exciting projects which will make me stand out on the inevitable stack of CVs.

I see failure as a chance to fight for what I want, to prove that I really want it which means I can enjoy the satisfaction of completing the task and proving the doubters wrong all the more. I can take pride in my achievements, they’re mine and I fought for them.

A little self indulgent I know, but if it makes every failure not only bearable but borderline enjoyable, then I think I’ve just about got the knack of it.


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