What’s going to happen when Donald Trump loses the Presidential Election?

I want to precede this piece with a disclaimer where I point out that I am a) not American and thus my opinion doesn’t really matter and b) I’m not even close to being an expert, so go easy yeah?

I don’t know why everyone seems to think that this will be the end for Trump when (hopefully) he loses the Presidential race. Trump has proven time after time that when he’s beaten he only comes back stronger, and I don’t see how the forthcoming election will be any different.

The thing Trump has made clear is that if he is to lose the election, he will not go quietly. He’s already thrown around accusations of election fraud and he hasn’t even lost yet. This is in stark contrast to previous losing candidates who have encouraged unity for a better outcome for America. The problem is that Trump has both the financial clout and the backing of many vocal followers and moreover has the gumption to contest any result, and so if a few months after the election the US is embroiled in a huge political legal battle and Obama is still nominally in charge longing for a break, I won’t be surprised in the slightest. Trumps obstinance can’t be written off.

Just because Trump theoretically will lose the election, doesn’t mean he’s out of politics. As previously mentioned he has some support and he has the funding to stay in politics for as long as he fancies. One thing nobody can deny is that Trump has electrified American politics, and to elements within the Republican party he represents that is both attractive and useful. A failed bid at a Presidential spot does not mean that they’re ejected from the political spotlight, see Hillary Clinton and Senator John McCain for examples of people who failed to become president and retained significant political might, and this is the path I can see Trump following.

Trump isn’t an outlier or plucky underdog, he’s genuinely challenging for the Presidential hot seat, the reason for this being his seemingly never-ending swarm of supporters willing to overlook his blunders and blatant lies. This is a problem as they will be understandably disgruntled about their favoured candidate losing. How exactly to bring these supporters who’ve fled from the political norm then? These men and women are hugely motivated, believing in the incorruptible Mr Trump and as far as many are concerned, America is doomed without him, so expecting them to accept things quietly is incredibly naïve.

So moving onwards, Trump has been defeated, and his supporters soothed. Four years later, he has another chance to become President, and I’d be willing to bet he’d try (although whether the Republican Party will let him run for them again after the turmoil he seemingly creates is yet to be seen). He’ll play on his own character and he’ll play on his supporters fears once more, and if the previous President has failed in some regard, no matter the severity, he has the potential political momentum to swing a future election in his favour.

Mr Trump has consistently met challenges and defeat with resurgence and obstinance, and perhaps that’s a good thing, but you can be certain of one thing, the Trump legacy will not go down quietly.


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